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Creating product animations

Creating product animations


We were proud to create the launch film for the Austrian Audio Hi-X50 and Hi-X55 Headphones at the NAMM Show.

Our team crafted photorealistic 3D models which were then used to creatively showcase the premium products and the technology within. Using animations allowed for more possibilities such as perspective shifts, particle effects, simulations with lighting and texture.


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Austrian Audio Promotional Video from EPM Agency on Vimeo.

The film and 3D assets we created have been used in multiple mediums including live events, website product details and throughout social media which has maximised the return on investment for Austrian Audio.

To tease upcoming announcements, we worked with Austrian Audio once again to create an animation for NAMM 2021. The teaser generated over 20,000 views on YouTube alone in the first three months, building intrigue in Austrian Audio’s loyal fanbase across all of their social media channels.

We were further tasked with creating animations for a range of products including microphones and headsets in 2022, as part of Austrian Audio’s wide range of professionally engineered audio equipment.

Check back soon to see more upcoming work with Austrian Audio.

Austrian Audio from EPM Agency on Vimeo.

"Thank you very much for your excellent work on the video and great support. I look forward to working with EPM again soon"

Keith Watson, Interim Marketing Director, Austrian Audio

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