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Fostering innovation with a website launch

Fostering innovation with a website launch


A first of its kind, Defence BattleLab is a collaborative partnership between the Ministry of Defence, Dorset Council, and Dorset Local Enterprise.

With the aim to foster open partnerships and development between academia, innovators and the defence sector, the Defence BattleLab is a new office space with a 100+ seat conference room and over 100 rentable desks across three floors.

EPM has partnered with the MoD and Dorset Council on the soft launch by building the BattleLab website, writing new content, conducting a photoshoot and supported with photography for the launch event.

As part of the new website, we created a new booking system using Shopify, that pushed the boundaries of what could be done on what is a traditionally ecommerce platform. The result was a booking system that could be manually used by administrators to manually book rooms and workspaces, but also by end users so that they could book their own space.

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