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Achieving your goals takes time. We recently filmed the UK's Fittest man Zack George putting the Casio G-Shock GBD-H1000 through its paces in his Crossfit training sessions for a new brand film and six additional workout videos.

Not only did we storyboard the film, we also designed the aesthetics. As the shoot took place in Autumn 2020, we ensured safe filming protocols were carried throughout as we filmed Zack on location in Leicester at his Crossfit gym. The film explores motivation, mental resilience as well as the importance of regular exercise and a fitness routine.

As we storyboarded with local lockdown restrictions in mind, it led to a seamless filming and edit process that ultimately provided a quick turnaround for Casio.

"Zack George is a dream to work with and it was fantastic to collaborate with Ollie Walton from Casio, who we’ve previously worked with, too. It was a quick turnaround but it was smooth from start to finish as we storyboarded really well and knew exactly where edits were needed and what went where. It all came together nicely from the get-go. Everything was ready for the shoot, from the prep to the lighting setup to the aesthetic of the film, it all worked really well and the post production was really smooth."

Tyler Palmer, Head of Film

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