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Driving audience connections and building brand awareness

Driving audience connections and building brand awareness


Did you know Tiktok has an average engagement rate of 15-18%, the highest of any social media platform? A good online presence can help drive your brand awareness, and TikTok is one of the best social media platforms to gain exposure and build a community.

Our client, Electromaker, uses video content as a significant part of its growth strategy. This includes a weekly YouTube show, podcast, and educational video series called ‘The Electromaker Educator’.


million video views and counting on TikTok


Growth rate within the first six weeks on TikTok


views monthly on YouTube


hours of video content watched a month on YouTube

In addition to the Electromaker podcast and any events the Electromaker team attend, we also create content for use across YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, which showcases some of the impressive electronic hardware projects designed and built by Electromaker hobbyists.

Launching the Electromaker TikTok and YouTube channel has been a resounding success so far. Within the first six weeks of launching on TikTok, we had already surpassed over 2.5 million video views with a growth rate of 66.2%. We have cultivated a loyal following on both YouTube and TikTok which is constantly expanding. We use the latest product drops and news as subject matter for this content which in turn has driven sales on the Electromaker Shop.

"Having worked with the Electromaker team on previous projects and to launch their other social media channels, we were excited to bring the TikTok channel to life and see the community grow on another platform."

"Being familiar with the brand and the community we've built and curated on other social platforms, we managed to tap into more like-minded users on the TikTok app. These users may not necessarily use Instagram or YouTube, meaning we've expanded their brand exposure and reach, which has driven traffic to the Electromaker website and YouTube channel converting to more subscribers."

"Overall, it has been a fantastic project to work on so far, and I look forward to watching the channel's continued growth!"

Sam Brown, Content Marketing Executive

"Incorporating TikTok into our video content strategy has improved our reach dramatically. Short videos are a great way to tease an audience with a small piece of content which you can link to a longer video or article. This method has increased traffic to our website, and we have also seen an uplift in our YouTube subscriber count."

Rich Elliott, Editor in Chief Electromaker

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