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Virtual 360 Training Simulation

Virtual 360 Training Simulation


Fieri Leadership and Development are masters in training and development.

From offsite outdoor training across picturesque locations in the UK to mental agility exercises and even nutritional advice, Fieri transforms ambitious people of all levels, from individuals to teams and leaders.

With the Covid-19 pandemic and government restrictions in place throughout the UK, Fieri needed a digital solution for their training programmes that were previously on site and in person.

EPM Agency constructed a 360-degree virtual helicopter crash survival simulation that could be utilised by Fieri to embolden communication and teamwork skills for teams across a variety of industries. With assets completely made using 3D modelling, EPM added interactive hotspots so that participants could travel across the 360-degree scene, pick up items strewn across the environment, add it into a digital rucksack and work together to survive the scenario.

"We created a helicopter crash scene in a Scottish-inspired boggy landscape. Sourcing the right trees and plants for the environment, we assembled them together along with a crashed helicopter asset. We then spent time on the immediate surrounding area to the crash, adding in some destructed landscape and distributing some the Items that you can find. The project was quite fun to work on and challenging at the same time.

The end result is a tool that can be used to train people in basic survival skills, which is a lot more interactive and therefore will resonate more with the end user than a typical classroom lecture can."

David Jones, Lead 3D Artist

"At Fieri Leadership, we have always prided ourselves on creating immersive and exciting experiences to help organisations deliver training with impact but we needed to take it virtual.

Working with EPM has been a complete pleasure from the very start. They understood what we wanted to achieve straight away and, in a very tight timeline, and under budget, delivered an exceptional 360 immersive experience that exceeded our expectations and took our live, virtual training to another level."

Adam Conlon, Partner, Fieri Leadership & Development

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