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In some sectors, mobile and lone workers face risks of attack or injury at work. In fact 81% of lone workers are concerned about aggression and violence from others while they are working, and 1 in 10 have experienced violence. To mitigate and provide peace of mind for lone workers, GuardianMPS sought EPM to build an app that communicates with a specialist device with a silent panic button that can be triggered, signalling an alert to a 24/7 central station monitoring team.

When a company signs up to GuardianMPS's services their workers can use the companion app alongside the hardware to find out critical information about the device. Utilising the app's user-friendly interface, the user can view the status of the device including its connection, the latest GPS in the device, battery level and operating temperature (as the device can be left in a hot car). A messaging service also notifies the end user of critical battery and temp issues, giving peace of mind to the worker and their company.

"EPM is part of Berkshire Hathaway. In the USA that's a really big deal but EPM has a small company feel and the communication is personal and excellent. I got quotes from a few companies but EPM gave a quote which I felt was fair for the project and I felt confident in the abilities of the team.

Roger Leach

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