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Taking brand films to new heights

Taking brand films to new heights


Born in arctic Norway, Jöttnar is a technical mountain clothing brand that rose from the military background of its founders: two former Royal Marine commandos who have been trained in glacial Norwegian winters, on gruelling courses in the Scottish Highlands and Cornish cliffs as well as deployed to operational tours worldwide.

Jöttnar's founders build on their vast experience traversing rigorous terrains in often harsh, wet and sometimes sub-zero conditions alongside a passion for skiing and mountain climbing. With such a specialist background, it can be challenging getting the right agency involved. Not only do film crews have to portray the brand authentically and accurately but they also have to do it while climbing alongside its seasoned team of ambassadors on steep cliff sides.

For our expert film team, there was no compromise on the story or on getting the perfect shots. Our seasoned climbers are able to carry heavy filming equipment up mountains, conquering the Commando Ridge in Cornwall as well as the Eiger in Switzerland alongside Jöttnar to produce two evocative brand films.


video views across Vimeo and Instagram


of rock and ice on the Eiger North Face


miles of Commando Ridge

The Commando Ridge film focused on Jöttnar’s roots along a 200-metre long rock route in Bosigran, Cornwall. Used as a training ground for Royal Marine Mountain Leaders, the route is a symbol of the company’s beginnings and links the past and the present together.

The Eiger on the other hand, is one of the most difficult climbs in the world. The Eiger posed other challenges too. With a schedule during a worldwide lockdown with constantly updated quarantine and international travel restrictions, we had to balance new regulations with regularly changing weather conditions. With our meticulous planning we were able to create a breath-taking film without having to settle. The film features base jumper and Jöttnar ambassador Tim Howell and his relationship with the mountain. Calling it ‘the Eiger playground’, Tim discusses his journey and why it’s the ultimate test for mountaineers.

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