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eMobility Immersive AR Experience at Embedded World

eMobility Immersive AR Experience at Embedded World


Ready to step into the future of transportation? With the power of Augmented Reality, Mouser and EPM are bringing eMobility to life like never before.

Mouser, a leading components company, recognised the growing need for personal transportation in cities due to global warming and the current cost of living crisis. They wanted to showcase the benefits of eScooters for city commuting and turned to EPM for our AR expertise.

The EPM team showcased the AR experience at Embedded World in Nuremberg, which is a renowned gathering place for developers, engineers, start-ups, and established businesses operating in electronics, hardware, IoT, networked systems, e-mobility, and other related sectors.

EPM created an immersive platform that tells the story behind eMobility and breaks down the eScooter into its associated hardware and manufacturer components. Visitors can explore detailed information using iPads mounted on articulated arms with a full range of visual motion and interactivity in AR.

The AR platform brings the story to life, explaining how personal eMobility may become entwined with our day-to-day lives. Visitors can see firsthand how an eScooter may become an essential mode of transportation in cities. With this innovative technology, Mouser and EPM are showcasing the future of eMobility and how it can help solve today's transportation challenges.

Thanks to the innovative use of Augmented Reality and user friendly hardware, our demonstration at Embedded World was a huge success! Visitors were impressed by the immersive platform that showcased the future of eMobility. By highlighting the benefits of personal transportation in cities and breaking down eScooter components, our AR technology left a lasting impression on all who interacted with it.

"Mark Patrick at Mouser is always a pleasure to work with. His ongoing feedback on all aspects of the project made creating this experience in partnership with Mouser was a pleasure. We were thrilled to get some really positive feedback from Mark Patrick about this project. He even expressed that the stand was the Best Embedded World they have ever done! Overall there was some fantastic user feedback at the show, and for what was produced in the time available, Mark felt we could not have done any better with the brief."

Matt Duffield, Head of 3D and Interactive

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