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Empowering Innovation Video Series SEO Strategy

Empowering Innovation Video Series SEO Strategy


Hosted by the late Grant Imahara, Mouser's Empowering Innovation video series explores engineering design topics, project builds and much more, all in the quest for new knowledge and to make engineering interesting and fun.

To enhance and boost the exposure of a new video series that had been produced at the time, Mouser enlisted EPM to develop and action an SEO strategy to increase exposure and boost impressions and clicks from YouTube and Google search results.

EPM's organic approach complied with Google's best practice guidelines for SEO marketing in search, and used a variety of inbound marketing channels to enhance and boost the exposure of the videos. This included utilising content marketing and building links via relationships with publishers to promote each video in the series.

Just one of the videos in the series generated over 8,000,000 views, 62,000 likes and 2,900 comments alone.

"The quality of the content that Mouser produces makes the task of promoting it so much easier than it could be."

Matt Walker, Marketing Executive

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