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Designing a quiz app

Designing a quiz app


You probably know your IQ or EQ, but what's your TQ?

From exploring ADCs, to understanding the basics of an inductor, EPM worked on the entire creative process from the animation style through to working with the voice over artist. We collaborated with Mouser to provide a series of videos that provide an overview of how different types of electrical components work.

EPM created this new TechQuotient App for Mouser Electronics for iOS and Android, a quiz app where users can test their Tech Quotient (TQ) knowledge on science, technology, engineering and math questions. Questions vary from easy to difficult, and players are given three lives to try and get as high a score as possible.

Players can then compete for the top spot across global and regional leaderboards, as well as unlock badges to display on their profile. Outside of the app, EPM also built a question web portal where Mouser has been able to add all of the questions and manage the content for the game. User data statistics are coming soon.


IQ challenging game levels


Achievements to be won


Levels to claim and conquer

"The TQ game app was a fantastic project to work on. TechQuotient was a whole new brand of which we had full creative licence on the visual identity meaning we could go to town on the look and feel of not only the brand but the app itself. Empowered to break out of the conventional Android & iOS native design, the whole app’s styling is customised to bring alive the colourful vibrant brand! Packed with animations, illustrations and sounds, not to mention thousands of mind blowing questions! TQ is as fun to play as it was to make! Give it a go!"

Francesca Griffiths, Head of Digital Experience at EPM

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