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Capturing precision

Capturing precision


Leading outdoors brand Osprey is synonymous with quality, comfort and the right fit. With over forty years of history in making breathable, innovative backpacks, Osprey required films that represented the care and attention that goes into the creation of every single backpack. For the brand’s AirScape and Unltd series of backpacks, EPM created two films using both animation and in-studio film photography to capture the groundbreaking features.

Having re-engineered the AirScape backpanel for a better fit that enabled a heavier load to be carried by the wearer, Osprey also required a way to perfectly illustrate all of AirScape’s components. EPM was tasked with creating an animation that showcased the strength and comfort of the back panel.

Using a glowing colour theme, the animation showed air flow around the AirScape. A 3D wireframe also provided an inside look at the fit and contoured lumbar support in the back panel.

With the launch of the premium Unltd Airscape 68 and AntiGravity 64 series of backpacks, EPM were once again tasked with demonstrating the precision and engineering behind the new Osprey bags. This time, instead of focusing on just one element, there were several intricate details that needed to be captured. Rather than opting for an animation, we designed and built a digitally controlled turntable that accurately rotated the backpacks at any speed allowing us to capture details including the lumbar, harness, durable fabric using the Red Epic camera system.

"Great to work with you guys on this … an absolute pleasure! World-class delivery."

Gary Burnand, Head of Marketing, Osprey Europe

"The process began with a series of still images being taken in a radial sequence which were used to make 3D models of the rucksacks using photogrammetry. These models enabled a storyboard & animatic to be produced for the client to assess how the finished piece would look.

It was then decided to shoot live action against a green screen with the bags rotating. To enable this we built a bespoke rig, first to support the perfect form of the rucksack and secondly to mount onto a purpose-built turntable utilising a motion control stepper motor and gearbox for precise control."

Paul Barton, Director Of Photography

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