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Building virtual 360 tours

Building virtual 360 tours


ROHM Semiconductor regularly attends a number of important industry exhibitions every year, and EPM has been supporting these events both virtually and physically.

After researching and gathering feedback from virtual events, it was clear that virtual events weren't always successful with many users finding little value in attending.

To combat this, ROHM required a creative partner to help in building a virtual booth environment rich with engaging content, great functionality, and direct and easy-to-use communication channels that could also be reused for future events.

Working in partnership with ROHM, the project required our in-house web, app and 3D teams to work together to produce an engaging virtual environment for the client’s target audience. It was important for the virtual space to be interesting to explore but also simple to navigate and consume content. Interactive buttons along the bottom of the environment allowed attendees to easily traverse the environment.

Attendees were able to access informative panels, videos, online seminars and presentations, one-on-one meetings, whitepapers and more. The booth evolved across four virtual trade shows over the course of a year, with additional features such as a dedicated press area, interactive show car, animated background elements, robot assembly line and a specialist showroom were also added to the virtual exhibition stand.

All elements were integrated seamlessly and would require rendering. This could be quite graphically intensive when viewing the booth on laptops, so to make computer processing efficient for the user, the animated elements were isolated, rendered separately and layered over still 360 backgrounds. The 360 videos were rendered smaller in size too.

We have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with ROHM again and look forward to the next project.

"As we were unable to meet our customers in PCIM physically, why not bring the trade show to their doorstep?

This exact idea inspired us to launch the PCIM Virtual Booth, and it appears to be a big success. In the virtual environment, several webinars and a free evaluation board campaign are made available to our visitors. If you didn't have the chance to visit ROHM yet, the virtual booth is still accessible - waiting for your visit."

Dominique Shen, Senior Marketing Project Manager, ROHM Semiconductor GMBH

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