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Building an Exhibition Stand

Building an Exhibition Stand


As a critical event for the aerospace, aviation, and defence industries, Farnborough International Airshow offers industry professionals the chance to meet and engage with thought leaders and pioneer technological advancements. Hosted this year in July, we were commissioned to design and build a meet-and-greet exhibition stand for Rolled Alloys, a leading supplier in the metal industry for both heat and corrosion resistant alloys.

We produced an island stand with two zones, a centrepiece which acted as a store, and a meeting area. The meeting rooms are located in the corners of the frame, these were used for more formal meetings while the seated bar area accommodated for more informal gatherings. Built fit for purpose, the meet and greet aspect of the stand allowed Rolled Alloys to pre-arrange meetings with suppliers and other clients to network and make new connections. As a testament to our team's planning process, there were minimal changes from planning to design to delivery, which is why the render and final product are almost identical.

"Rolled Alloys were a fantastic client to work with, they're very professional and easy to work with. In terms of planning and delivery, the process was straightforward. The client knew exactly what they wanted, and they relied on our expert recommendations and input throughout."

Darren Brown, Events Project Manager at EPM

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