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How can AR help your B2B business?

As 2020 wraps up, we’ve all seen a major shift in the way that businesses connect with customers and staff alike this year. Occupying the same space for a meeting seems like an almost impossible task nowadays, as face-to-face communication continues to decline.

That doesn’t mean we have to stop all business activity however as technology can be harnessed to engage with one another from a distance. Augmented reality B2B is on the rise, and AR is just one method that particularly excels with this way of engagement.

AR is an enriching, intelligent business tool as it overlays an immersive experience onto our real-world environment that can then be interacted with in real time on a device. It can build upon what is already physically in front of you and provide a whole gamut of extra information in the form of virtual 3D models or simply annotations and text.

There are three major uses of AR within the B2B sector that is most beneficial: training, maintenance and product demos and this AR B2B guide will help explain how each use case works, and provide an example of it in practice too.