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Custom Trade Show Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands that seamlessly blend technology and human experiences

We are the thinkers and doers who can conceive, create and deliver your custom exhibition stand. Reliably, efficiently.

Fusing physical with digital

With over 90 in-house specialists, we are masters of every touchpoint, at every stage of your exhibition project. Our experienced event and digital teams work seamlessly together at the forefront of the latest technologies. We'll learn together. We'll devise solutions together, and as a team, we'll seek innovation and excitement in all that we do.

Technology Partners

Why Choose EPM?

All-in-one production studio

Many agencies are idea mills. We execute. From creative exhibition stand design, using the latest motion capture equipment, filming up mountains or providing a breathtaking virtual experience. Our highly experienced, fully integrated in-house team can work in any format, medium, channel, you name it, we'll help you realise it.

We thrive on plot twists

Every exhibition stand build potentially faces unknown challenges; it's how you handle them that determines whether you'll buckle under the pressure, or succeed. We happen to handle that pressure like ducks to water. So, you can rest easy. No matter what, we've got this. It's what we do.

Collaboration is fundamental

Come in and meet your specialist team. We'll chew the fat, talk about your requirements, and establish who the best person for the job will be to head up the various aspects of your custom exhibition stand project. If we fit, we'll go away and iron out the details, take a running jump at any risks or issues, and revert back with the next steps.

Long-lasting relationships

Sometimes, especially when you've had a long-term partnership with another team, it's not as easy to just take a leap of faith with a new exhibitions company. In that event, we're happy to help you imagine the possibilities; whether that's in the form of mock-ups, roadmaps, or even some key critical thinking, just to demonstrate to you that we're as capable as we say we are. We know that fruitful relationships don't just happen overnight, but we're always willing to put in the time. You'll be amazed at what we can achieve over just a few conversations.

Everything is connected

Our experienced digital and physical marketing team have helped some of the world's largest and most prestigious brands to deliver bespoke exhibition stands that have changed the game. We all want to achieve something greater. We believe we're alike. It's easy when everything's connected.

Collaboration is Fundamental

We're eager to hear about your upcoming projects. No matter its nature or size, come in and meet your specialist team. We'll chew the fat, talk about your requirements, and establish the various aspects of your project.


It’s straightforward to find chemistry over a shared problem.
And it’s effortless to forge a long-lasting relationship when it’s not a contractor working for a client, but two teams of intellectual equals working as one.