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Imagine The Possibilities

Our 3D creative is greater than what we deliver as part of the spec. We'll learn with you. We'll devise solutions together, and as a team, we'll seek innovation and excitement in all that we do.

3D Changes Perspectives

Breathe new life into your content and make the impossible possible with our in-house 3D animation studio. We believe that VFX can transform how we see the world and enable your audience to experience your story in a new dimension.

Technology Partners

Why Choose EPM?

Turn an idea into reality

At our animation production company, we don't just generate ideas; we bring them to life as an extension of your brand. Our focus is on creating astonishing 3D visuals and animations that align with your KPIs, goals, and reputation. We'll help you create lasting impressions that drive real results.

Reusable assets

You can look forward to more than just extraordinary 3D content. Our added value comes from producing readily reusable assets you can leverage across other projects. We make sure you get the most out of your investment by providing content that can be used for printed materials, brand videos, 3D web experiences, augmented reality technology, and more.

All-in-one production studio

You can realise any vision by utilising our highly skilled 90+ team, including motion capture, 3D modelling, animation, filming and photography experts.

We thrive on plot twists

Don't get hampered by roadblocks. We happen to handle challenges like ducks to water so that you can rest easy. No matter what, we've got this. It's what we do.

A focus on value

Sure, we'll design and build you something extraordinary, but we will also provide additional value by building assets that are easily reusable on other projects, whether it's a number of brand films, 3d web products, augmented reality experiences or printed materials.

Create immersive experiences

Fully immerse and captivate your audience with the latest 3D, augmented & virtual reality technologies.

Collaboration is Fundamental

We're eager to hear about your upcoming projects. No matter its nature or size, come in and meet your specialist team. We'll chew the fat, talk about your requirements, and establish the various aspects of your project.


It's easy to find chemistry over a shared problem.
And it's easy to forge a long-lasting relationship when it's not a contractor working for a client, but two teams of intellectual equals working as one.