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11 Podcasts You Should Listen To

September 30, 2020 BY EPM Agency

The EPM team picks 11 of their favourite top podcasts to switch on and press play.

Did you know that 50% of all American households listen to podcasts, or that UK listeners spend 59 million hours listening to podcasts every week?

To celebrate this growing medium, some of the EPM team has come together on National Podcast Day to share some of their favourite series to listen to while on the move or at home. From inspirational topics to the latest best practices and entertainment in between, you’ll find something new to subscribe to in the list below.



This podcast covers a wide variety of software engineering topics, with two very knowledgeable hosts with a great reputation and top guests.

Steve Richmond, Web Developer


Rule of Three

Joel Morris & Jason Hazeley talk to comedy writers, performers and producers about the comedy they love. As well as quoting parts of it and giggling, they talk about the writing, performing and filming process.

Luke Duffield, Media Producer

boagworld 300x300.png

Boagworld UX Show

Paul Boag is joined by a variety of guests to teach you the latest best practice in user experience design, conversion rate optimisation and digital transformation. The show is fun and informative, and it has something for everybody from designers and marketers to entrepreneurs and product owners.

Francesca Griffiths, Head of Digital Experience


Beef and Dairy Network

This is a surreal mocku-podcast for those involved, or just interested in beef farming and dairy herds. I used to work at Maff/Defra in the mid-90s and the style and obsession of some of these characters are scarily close to real people I used to work with! It can be quite hit-and-miss though, so if you try it and are unlucky enough to start with a duffer then please, please try some more. The Eli Roberts episodes are pure gold.

Jim Swain, Developer



An award-winning podcast, series 1 of Serial was absolutely addictive and led to a short obsession with true crime, that then fed into 2 other podcasts which picked up the story and ran with it!

Isabel Farquharson-Howell, Sales Director


The News Quiz

A satirical look back at the week’s news, The News Quiz features a whole host of comedians answering questions about events in the last seven days.

Jon Musselwhite, IT Support/Help Desk Lead


Reply All

From interviews with the creator behind the much-detested pop-up ads to a programmer who must print out every line of his code and mail it to his boss because his parole conditions ban him from having any internet access, Reply All is a podcast about the internet, filled with incredibly captivating stories about people and how they interact with the digital world.

Carrie Mok, Content Marketing Editor


The Church of What's Happening Now

The Church Of What's Happening Now With Joey Coco Diaz is a twice-weekly podcast hosted by comedian Joey Coco Diaz along with his co-host Lee Syatt.

Matt Walker, Marketing Manager


How I Built This

This podcast talks to people who've started successful businesses, often involving enormous effort. Very inspiring.

Steve Richmond, Web Developer


The Electromaker Show

Electromaker.io presents the Electromaker Show! Tune in for the latest information on maker, tech, DIY, and crowdfunding news and more!

Rich Elliot, Editor in Chief


The Whisperer in the Darkness

I like this podcast as it’s basically a mystery involving an investigative journalist with ostensibly supernatural elements woven in. The story is the foundation of a very good production and the editing is also excellent. If I had one criticism, I’d say the lead character is a bit over-acted but the supporting cast did a great job.

Louis Cox, Creative Design

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