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Revolutionising Fitness: Form-AI Augmented Reality Fitness App

Revolutionising Fitness: Form-AI Augmented Reality Fitness App


EPM is dedicated to pushing technology and innovation beyond limits. As an example of our commitment, we collaborated with Form-AI to create their Movement Library App. This app combines motion capture, AI, and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to provide users with an engaging and interactive workout experience.

We collaborated with the Form-AI team to create 1300 exercise movements using motioncapture, ensuring accuracy and realism.

The app offers a unique feature in the form of a 3D avatar called FORM-AI trainer. It is designed to demonstrate exercises in 3D, which helps users to perfect their form by viewing the movements from different angles. With the help of AR, users can place the avatar in their desired environment, be it their living room or a gym. Additionally, Form-AI has captured videos of the AR model performing exercises in real gym settings, showcasing the versatility of this feature.

"Collaborating with Form-AI on their app was a fantastic experience. Working closely with Joshua and Jeff from the Form-AI team, they provided invaluable support and feedback throughout the entire process. The project brought together EPM's diverse team, including skilled programmers and 3D modellers, all playing crucial roles in bringing the app to fruition and producing something we are all proud of."

Andy Joyce - Senior App Developer

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