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Save Cyber City

Save Cyber City


Our team excel in crafting captivating, immersive, and interactive experiences that are second to none. Our expertise was recently showcased in our collaboration with Lockheed Martin to develop the exciting Save Cyber City Adventure for the prestigious Cheltenham Science Festival.

Cheltenham Science Festival, renowned for hosting the world's leading scientists, futurologists, and thought leaders, provided the perfect backdrop for our adventure. Our collaboration with Lockheed Martin allowed us to delve deep into the realm of cybersecurity, presenting it in a manner that was both fun and enlightening for attendees aged 5 to 18 In today's digital age, educating the younger generation about cybersecurity is paramount. We aimed to create an experience that would not only be entertaining but also impart crucial knowledge about cyber security.


mini games



48 hours

of show running time

Our dedicated experiential team worked hand in hand with Lockheed Martin to bring the concept of Cyber City to life. The result was an immersive multiplayer adventure that consisted of four meticulously designed mini-games.

The event was a resounding success, with participants leaving with a newfound appreciation for the digital world. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, reaffirming our belief in the power of immersive experiences to educate and inspire.

"The collaboration with Lockheed Martin proved to be a fantastic collaboration spanning from the project's inception to final delivery at shows. The application showcased custom-designed lead characters, serving as adept guides throughout the immersive encounter. Users explored and encountered a series of minigame challenges in the engaging Cyber City environment. They worked to restore amenities in the virtual metropolis and ultimately saved Cyber City.

From a technical standpoint, the experience incorporated a scalable local networking framework, establishing a robust and secure infrastructure. The collaborative efforts also involved designing a narrative in partnership with Lockheed, which was thoughtfully tailored to captivate and involve young people. This bespoke narrative not only enhanced engagement with the client's target market but also provided an enjoyable and enlightening educational journey."

Chris Hull - Project Manager

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