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Top 2023 Real-Life Uses for ChatGPT-4: Examples and Applications

March 29, 2023 BY EPM Agency

OpenAI recently introduced GPT-4, the latest model in the GPT series. It can process both text and image inputs to produce text outputs and has shown impressive capabilities. While it may not match human-level performance in many real-world scenarios, it has demonstrated high proficiency in certain professional and academic tests. OpenAI spent six months improving GPT-4's performance through adversarial testing and ChatGPT, significantly enhancing factuality, steerability, and boundaries.

Assisting Visually Impaired People

GPT-4 can help visually impaired individuals by providing detailed descriptions of their surroundings when taking pictures with their devices. This technology can help visually impaired individuals navigate unfamiliar environments, identify objects around them, and read signs or labels.

Creating 3D Virtual Environments from Textual Descriptions

GPT-4's text-to-world building feature can generate entire 3D virtual environments based on textual descriptions. This breakthrough in AI technology allows for more complex and immersive game environments, digital sets, and virtual models of buildings and cities. These environments were previously difficult or impossible to create in the real world, unlocking new possibilities in various industries such as gaming, film and television, architecture, and urban planning.

Revolutionising Legal Document Generation

GPT-4's text generation abilities can produce legal documents with just a few clicks to fight against robocalls and scammers. It can also help lawyers prepare legal documents quickly, this could transform the legal industry and help individuals combat annoying and illicit practices.

Rapidly Building Products

GPT-4's ability to rapidly build products is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs, businesses, and other industries looking to streamline their processes and stay ahead of the competition. A founder was quoted $6k and 2 weeks for a product from a developer. However, with GPT-4, he was able to build it in just 3 hours and for only 11 cents.

GPT-4 Takes on Classic Games

GPT-4's also been used to code classic games like Snake and Pong, demonstrating its versatility. These games may seem simple, but they require complex programming skills, and GPT-4 was able to do it all on its own, showcasing its advanced coding and game development abilities.

Generating Recipe Ideas

With its natural language processing and image recognition capabilities, GPT-4 can be used for various everyday tasks, like suggesting recipes based on what ingredients are available in a fridge photo.

A Revolutionary Tool in Drug Discovery

GPT-4 has the potential to help us tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time. It's being used to find new drug compounds that may be effective against various diseases.

Stripe uses GPT-4 to make documentation more user-friendly

Stripe has partnered with GPT-4 to enhance its products and streamline operations for users. As part of this partnership, Stripe has introduced GPT-powered Stripe Docs, a new feature that allows developers to ask natural language questions within the documentation, with GPT-4 providing summaries or specific information. This saves developers time and enables them to focus more on building.

GPT-4 has shown impressive capabilities in various applications, its natural language processing and image recognition capabilities have made it a revolutionary tool for various industries. As GPT-4 continues to improve, it has the potential to transform the way we live and work, making tasks easier, faster, and more efficient for everyone. 

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