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Best iOS App Developer Resources for 2023

November 9, 2023 BY EPM Agency

Whether you're a veteran or a newbie in the iOS development scene, having the best resources to learn iOS app development at your disposal is essential to refine your skills and stay updated. We have compiled a plethora of resources ranging from online communities to highly rated tutorials, ensuring you have a well-rounded understanding and the latest insights in iOS development.

Slack & Discord

Slack and Discord are helpful platforms for iOS developers, offering community engagement through dedicated channels where discussions on the latest tools, updates, and best practices occur. They facilitate networking, real-time Q&A, code reviews, and resource sharing, such as tool recommendations and tutorials. Developers can collaborate on projects in real-time, integrate development tools for streamlined project updates, and partake in learning opportunities through webinars and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions hosted within communities.

Through these platforms, iOS app developers can significantly enhance their knowledge, network, and overall career growth in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is an open forum for programmers and an indispensable resource for addressing coding queries. Through public and private channels, it fosters a culture of knowledge exchange among a diverse group of developers, including iOS developers.

Stack Overflow is primarily a programming-focused Q&A platform that also facilitates connections among developers. It provides a repository of code solutions and snippets that aid in tackling common programming challenges. Should you encounter a specific issue and the tutorials at hand fall short, turning to Stack Overflow is a wise move. It stands as a highly beneficial resource for any developer.


Reddit can serve as a valuable resource for iOS developers in various ways. By engaging in subreddits such as r/iOSProgramming and r/swift, developers can stay updated with the latest in the field, discover new tools or libraries, and get insights into best practices. These subreddits are platforms for problem-solving where developers can post their coding issues and receive solutions from the community. They are also a hub for sharing and discovering new things, be it a newly released library, a handy extension, or updates from Apple.

Moreover, developers can observe or participate in discussions on code structure, app architecture, and other technical topics, which can be enlightening and contribute to their professional growth. By being active on these subreddits, iOS developers not only keep up with the fast-evolving iOS development landscape but also become part of a supportive and educative community, fostering a culture of shared learning and continuous improvement.


GitHub serves as an excellent learning resource for aspiring developers due to its vast repository of open-source projects and a thriving community. It offers opportunities to dissect real-world code, learn from experienced developers, and collaborate on projects. New developers can access a wealth of documentation, forums, and discussion threads to broaden their knowledge and find solutions to coding challenges. GitHub's ease of use and accessibility make it a valuable platform for honing coding skills and gaining practical experience.


Udemy is an online learning platform offering a vast array of video courses on various topics, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace. Angela Yu's iOS app developer course on Udemy, known as "The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp," is highly esteemed with over 39,000 5-star ratings, making it one of the highest-rated iOS app courses on the platform. This course, tailored for beginners, provides a robust foundation for someone delving into iOS development, covering essential topics to get started with building apps. Designed to transition a beginner to an iOS app developer efficiently, this course offers 55+ hours of content, including a comprehensive module dedicated to SwiftUI, a vital framework for iOS development.


Initially a platform by an iOS developer, Kodeco, formerly known as The Ray Wenderlich Blog's website, has evolved into an exceptional app development resource. It now boasts a robust community of developers who contribute and impart app development knowledge through various mediums including books, videos, articles, tutorials, and beyond.

Discover courses on various demanding topics encompassing iOS, app development, and other growing technologies, explained step-by-step. Kodeco offers a variety of resources—from videos and podcasts to written content—catering to diverse learning preferences. In addition to discussing iOS development, learners can connect with other students and experts to resolve any issues they may have.

With the right resources at your fingertips, navigating the iOS development landscape becomes significantly manageable. This curated list can act as a compass, guiding you towards productive interactions, updated knowledge, and honing your skills to excel in creating remarkable iOS applications. 

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